About the AM Notch filter ...


"How long to get one of these? Have two already. Urgent need. Love 'em!


Bill Nolan, Senior Engineer



A Western U.S. Chief Engineer, Gary Ellingson writes:

"I received the AM notch filter today, installed it, and received CRYSTAL CLEAR RECEPTION OF KFGO with absolutely no interference from our 10 kilowatt transmitter operating 450 feet away. After fighting with that receiver for over a year, and trying innumerable unsuccessful configurations, it is a relief to finally have the system working. There are many broadcast engineers in my same situation who would gladly pay the purchase price to solve their problem. You really need to advertise this filter in a broadcast trade journal."



About the LP-3 Standard H-field Antenna:

"Having built the Tektronix loop and then graduating to CS&As manufactured loop, let me say that there is no comparison. The LP-3 is an accurate, reliable and repeatable signal gatherer for these measurements... This is not a paid announcement -- I bought an LP-3 almost two years ago and have used it to perform over thirty NRSC tests since."

-- Terry Baun, CPBE
Criterion Broadcast Services, Milwaukee ... tbaun@sbe.org



Subject: FM Notch Filter--very pleased!
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 01:57:54 -0400 (EDT)

From: DavidKaley@webtv.net (David Kaley)

To: xxxx@scott-inc.com

Dear Mr. Scott,

I recently purchased an FM notch filter tuned to 97.1 MHz from your
company.  I must say, the performance of this little metal box has far

exceeded my expectations.

As you might remember from my phone call last Wednesday, I said that I
plan to use the filter in line with my Sony AM/FM tuner.  A close-by

transmitter on 97.1 was wiping out reception of all stations from 96.5

all the way to 97.9 MHz.

After installing the filter, the noise levels on my favorite station
(97.9, Baltimore, about 40 miles away) have dropped significantly.

Blanketing interference from 97.1 is completely gone, and overall noise

levels across the entire FM spectrum have dropped as well.   Stations

on 97.5 and 97.7 once wiped out by 97.1 come in with no interference!

Would you mind if I recommend your FM notch filter to fellow club
members in the Canadian International DX Club, and the magazines Popular

Communications and Monitoring Times?  I believe your product would be a

great asset to those who enjoy listening to FM, but are bothered by

extremely strong signals overloading their tuners.  I believe in

promoting products that perform very well, and your FM notch filter DOES


This grey metal box is a real treasure chest.  As a person who has spent
many years in the radio hobby, the purchase of your filter has been one

the best investments I ever made.  It is worth every penny I paid, and

much more.  Thank you for offering this truly incredible product.

David Kaley