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AutoRec is a time based automatic recorder - player for radio broadcast. Auto Recorder will record or play wav audio files, and execute batch or other executable application programs at scheduled times. It operates sequentially, processing jobs in strict chronological order, accurate within one-tenth of a second for audio operations, and one second for .exe and .bat file operations. The primary use for Auto Recorder is automatic, unattended recording and playback of network or other satellite-delivered radio station program material, sometimes termed time shifting; airing a program at a time other than when the syndicator feeds it. The .exe or .bat file execution feature allows renaming, copying, or other file handling operations, providing greater flexibility in practical radio station applications. Using W2000 and an NTFS drive partition, it has proven very reliable.

Before downloading, please read the help / instructions file. Most of the email received about "bugs" result from configuration oversights.

Auto Recorder instructions page.

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